In Pursuit of 200 mph


The inconceivable speed of 200 mph has yet to be achieved by a single engine lay down snowmobile. As extraordinary as this speed may seem, over the last few years there has been a legitimate attack on the mark as racers inch closer to attaining it. There are a few drag racers that have the mark clearly in their sites.

In 2009 at a NBSRR event in North Bay, Tom McConkey rode his nitrous enhanced Quadzilla to 190 mph in 2000′. Then in 2010, on a 1000′ NSSR track in Michigan, Ed Ensor held fast to his Busamod sled topping out at a blistering
183.439 mph. A year later, in 2011, Dave Marshall’s Hurricane performance sled recorded a Guinness record breaking 191.8 mph. over 2000′.

Tom McConkey

On the asphalt tracks there have been similar outstanding performances. Last year at the AmSnow Super Sled Shootout on asphalt, Jeff Kerridge of Michigan set the mark of 183.59 mph @ 7.39 seconds in the 1/4 mile. At the same event, a year later, Marshall’s Hurricane set an unofficial speed record in the 1/4 mile of 186.748 mph.

The risk of traveling such short distances at unthinkable speeds is great, however there are more then a few speed warriors brave enough to take on the challenge. So for many the question is not whether the record will be broken but more so a question of when. Could this winter be the year that the 200 mph barrier is broken? Only time will tell.

ed ensor





  • SnowBaron

    I think Ed Ensor @ 183.439 mph in 1000′ might be the person to do it.

  • SnowConeHead

    Dave Marshall on his hurricane has a legit shot with over 600 ponies under the hood.


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