Vintage Snowmobile Forum Rules


There is nothing better then to share thoughts and ideas with people who share a passion for vintage snowmobiles.
The forum was created as a place to foster that passion and help fuel friendly discussion. Discussion nevertheless promotes debate and differences of opinions. The over riding principle is to always keep the discussion friendly. You know what your Mom said,”If you don’t have something good to say… zip it!”, or something like that.


Have fun. Be polite. Have a sense of humor.

No foul language.

No sexually suggestive content. (this is a family friendly site)

No personal attacks.

Failure to do so will result in the shock and awe punishment of the nun.


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Forum & Classified

Check out our new forum. You can easily add pictures and video directly into you post. Classifieds are up and running. Post your sleds and parts here. Everyone Welcome.